About the Book

Buy the Book Cover- Kid World CitizenIntegrate global learning activities in your elementary classrooms today with this easy-to-use guide!

The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners is a smart, all-in-one resource from widely acclaimed authors Homa Tavangar and Becky Morales helps busy, budget conscious educators give younger students the global edge. You’ll find hundreds of easy, stand-alone activities, resources, and projects to:

  • Seamlessly integrate your existing K–5 Common Core curriculum and other academic subject areas with fun, interactive global awareness themes and activities
  • Effectively recruit parent and community volunteers and organizations for meaningful engagement
  • Securely and productively use social media for student global collaboration projects
  • Confidently infuse fresh ideas and best practices into your International events, service-learning and overall school culture
  • Plan after-school global awareness clubs, foreign language programs, and cross-curricular activities

Includes a handy 12-month timeline, backmapping tips, a checklist of 50+ ready-to-start projects and activities, and invaluable links to online global education sites as well as the Author’s site at www.corwin.com/globaledtoolkit, which will include tools, templates, a multicultural book list with over 300 titles, references, and much more. Bring the world into your classroom the easy, practical way with this ready-to-use guide!


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