Table of Contents

Buy the Book Cover- Kid World CitizenIntroduction: What You Can Get Out of This Book

Chapter 1. How to Get Started: Planning Considerations for Bringing the Global to Your School

Chapter 2. Things to Do: Look at all the Places We Can Go!

Section 1: School-Wide Crafts and Displays
Section 2: Incorporating Food
Section 3: Music, Movement, Sports, and Play
Section 4: Global Fair/International Festival Activities
Section 5: Integrating Global Perspectives Into the School Environment Throughout the Year

Chapter 3. Infusing Global Learning Into Academic Subject Areas (With Special Consideration for Aligning Common Core Standards)

Section 1: “Global Competence” in the Context of the Common Core
Section 2: Language Arts (Aligned With Common Core)
Section 3: Mathematics (Aligned With Common Core)
Section 4: Social Studies
Section 5: Science
Section 6: Music
Section 7: Art
Section 8: World Languages

Chapter 4. Technology Tools to Connect With the World: Unlocking Global Education 2.0

Section 1: Social Media
Section 2: Class Blogs and Wikis
Section 3: Videoconferencing
Section 4: Online Clearing-houses for Lesson Plans
Section 5: Digital Multimedia in the Classroom
Section 6: Global Education Professional Development Opportunities

Chapter 5. Charitable Giving and Service: Ready, Set, Make a Difference!

Section 1: Thinking About Service-Learning
Section 2: Engaging in Service: Who, What, Where, Why, and How
Section 3: Fundraising With a Purpose: Resource-building That’s a Win-Win-Win
Section 4: Amazing! Examples Highlighting What it Looks Like When Kids Make a Difference Globally
Section 5: 12 Take-Aways From Awesome Kids Changing the World for the Better

Appendix 1: Global Education Recommended Reading List

Appendix 2: Additional Resources


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