Lesson for All: Enhancing Global Competence

By Ed Gragert: Director, Global Campaign for Education-US

School in India- Global Ed ToolkitIncreasingly, we are expecting our teachers to produce globally competence students, ones that have a global awareness, are speakers of World Languages and who interact with peers around the world to both give and listen to differing perspectives.  And all of this should be done while collaborating in teams, and involving significant critical thinking and problem-solving project-based learning.  Whew!  Personally, I would not know where to start if this was on my shoulders.

It’s great that Becky Morales and Homa Tavangar are providing concrete step-by-step examples of how younger students can learn about and engage with the world.  And from my experience in iEARN, kindergarten through 6th grade is a great age to start engaging them and preparing for additional work at the high school level. Continue reading

“Globalizing” a Lesson on Rivers

Learn about Rivers- Kid World CItizen

By Becky Mladic-Morales

In our book, The Global Education Toolkit, we offer many examples of common lessons in elementary schools, and show how to bring in a global aspect. Without having to revamp curriculum, teachers can incorporate a global perspective into activities across subject areas.

Learning about rivers (among other water sources) is a common elementary school social studies and science topic. Here’s how teachers can take some of the frequent learning objectives when teaching kids about rivers, and add a global twist!

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Global Collaboration in Early Childhood Education

Kids Skype with New Zealand- Kid World CitizenBy Becky Mladic-Morales

I frequently get questions from teachers and homeschoolers about how to incorporate global learning into lessons for the youngest students. Margaret Powers is the Lower School Technology Coordinator for The Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, PA. She has an amazing web site called Tech for a Global Early Education, that is chock full of valuable resources. Margaret is passionate about global education for early childhood, and using educational technology to connect with students around the world, and shares some of her tips and resources with us today.

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International Food Fest

International Week Food Festival- Kid World CItizen

By: Becky Mladic-Morales

Many people think of kids as picky eaters, who won’t try new foods- which is certainly true in some cases. But under the right conditions, and with the right prompting and preparation, an International Pot-luck during international week might be a way for kids to try different flavors, and learn a bit about cultural cuisines and traditions.

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Empathy, The Most Important Back to School Supply

Empathy- Kid World CItizenby: Homa S Tavangar

My most important back-to-school supply doesn’t fit in a backpack, and it can’t be ordered online. It’s as essential as a pencil, but unlike a pencil, no technology can replace it. In a sense, like a fresh box of crayons, it can come in many colors. Better than the latest gadget, it’s possible to equip every student with it, and even better, when we do, it can transform our world.

It’s actually a “muscle” I’ve been working on all summer. It’s empathy.

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