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Lesson for All: Enhancing Global Competence

By Ed Gragert: Director, Global Campaign for Education-US

School in India- Global Ed ToolkitIncreasingly, we are expecting our teachers to produce globally competence students, ones that have a global awareness, are speakers of World Languages and who interact with peers around the world to both give and listen to differing perspectives.  And all of this should be done while collaborating in teams, and involving significant critical thinking and problem-solving project-based learning.  Whew!  Personally, I would not know where to start if this was on my shoulders.

It’s great that Becky Morales and Homa Tavangar are providing concrete step-by-step examples of how younger students can learn about and engage with the world.  And from my experience in iEARN, kindergarten through 6th grade is a great age to start engaging them and preparing for additional work at the high school level. Continue reading