Professional Development Services

Homa S. Tavangar and Becky Mladic-Morales are proud to offer inspiring, practical, and custom-designed professional development training that will energize educators to globalize their curriculum.

Powerful messages on global competency, with hands-on activities tailored to your school’s needs can explore subjects like:

  • How to integrate global competencies into all academic areas and “specials”
  • How to weave global understanding into the execution of Common Core Standards in Language Arts and Math
  • Get more buy-in from staff and volunteers, tap into existing, underutilized resources of your school community, and form meaningful partnerships beyond your school, both locally and globally
  • Use educational technology and social media for effective staff development and student engagement
  • Design service-learning that’s local or global, meaningful and relevant
  • Get INSPIRED to embrace learning about the world, even if you’ve never left the country!

What educators say:

“Homa was truly an inspiration – her presentation was accessible, honest, thoughtful and non-judgmental. I came away from her talk with a real feeling of hopefulness for the future and some concrete things I could immediately do in my classroom to develop my students’ global awareness. She’s an incredible speaker and could make a real difference for our community.” Kate Hughey, elementary teacher, Wellesley (MA) Public  Schools

“Homa is such an inspiring presenter and offered a plethora of ways for us to grow as educators as well as strengthen our school’s Global Studies program. Through discussions, multi-media clips and hands-on experiences, Homa helped me to build an awareness of what it means to truly be a “Global Citizen” and opened my eyes to both the small and large ways I can weave cultural understanding into my everyday practice as an educator.”  Mary Jo Allegra, Lower School Visual Art teacher, Friends Academy, Long Island, NY

Homa Tavangar is a gem!   As Chair of our Lower School Goes Global initiative, it was really a pleasure to take part in Homa’s coaching sessions with the various Lower School teams. There were so many amazing ideas that sprang from simple conversations with her throughout the day. Homa provided a wellspring of information on global education. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, and positive attitude made a lasting impression on our faculty. Our students thoroughly enjoyed her age-appropriate presentation and it served as a jumping off point to larger conversations in the classroom.  Thank you, Homa, for inspiring us and for helping us understand what it means to be a friend to the whole human race! Kim Soscie, Social Studies Teacher, Friends Academy


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