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Examples of Global Lessons in Common Science Topics of Elementary Schools

The following excerpts from pages 98-100 from the Global Education Toolkit offer a glimpse of simple ways that science lessons can turn into global learning experiences. As we explain in the section on science lessons:

With a bit of creativity and initiative, science might be the most natural subject offering a global lens through which to view our world. Earth, water, air quality, climate, chemistry, physics, physiology, plant life and animal habitats don’t respect national boundaries, so they are inherently global in nature, inviting wider exploration and conversation. This fact in itself can serve as a launch for a global conversation. Vexing challenges stumping the best scientific minds are solved globally using collaborative teams located in different locales that experiment and study issues from diverse angles and approaches. In other words, introducing science in the 21st-Century is necessarily global.

If you’re inspired to turn your science lesson into a global learning opportunity, where would you begin?





“Globalizing” a Lesson on Rivers

Learn about Rivers- Kid World CItizen

By Becky Mladic-Morales

In our book, The Global Education Toolkit, we offer many examples of common lessons in elementary schools, and show how to bring in a global aspect. Without having to revamp curriculum, teachers can incorporate a global perspective into activities across subject areas.

Learning about rivers (among other water sources) is a common elementary school social studies and science topic. Here’s how teachers can take some of the frequent learning objectives when teaching kids about rivers, and add a global twist!

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