Kid World Citizen


I’m Becky Morales, co-author of the Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners and founder of I developed this incredible resource to be able to share the educational activities that I have used in my classroom and at home with my 4 children to increase global and cultural awareness.

On the Kid World Citizen website, you will find an ever-expanding database of age-appropriate, fun activities gathered from around the world that are organized by topic and by country. I present a range of materials, including games, international celebrations, recipes that please even the most discerning tummies, cultural art projects, endless reviews on children’s literature related to world cultures, and many other activities that help cultivate and expand young minds.

Here are our Top 10 Posts to give you an idea of the incredible resources available:

KidWorldCitizen Pinterest Button- Kid World CItizen

1. “My Place in the World” Kids Geography Project
2. 35 Service Projects for Kids
3. Salt Dough Maps
4. Nelson Mandela’s Autobiography for Kids (+ Activities!)
5. Multicultural/Diversity Calendar of Festivals and Holidays
6. Get an International Pen-Pal
7. A Look at Kids Around the World and Where they Live
8. A Lesson Plan for Chinese New Year with Stories and Props
9. 8 Best Apps for Kids to Learn Geography
10. Cinderella Around the World

Whether you are a principal, teacher, parent, homeschooler, a scout leader, adoptive family, expat family, after-school director…  I hope that you will enjoy utilizing the resources offered by Kid World Citizen. If you would like to share an activity, please email Becky at kidworldcitizen (at) gmail (dot) com.


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